Business Services



Our expertise across management consulting and technology services ensures that we deliver end to end flexible and scalable solution to our clients.our team excels in designing solution best suited for each industry at management and functional levels.With us being your Business Executive Services partner you can Focus your valuable resources to excel and grow your business.

  • Customised Survey
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Kaizen and Lean Initiatives
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Migration
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter score (NPS)
  • Improvement in Business Performance Metrics
  • Designing KPI/KRI and Visual Dashboards

Customised Survey

We understand the need for an ongoing assessement of external and internal stakeholders (Customer, Employees, Suppliers etc.).Our team can help conduct customized survey on our PULSE Platform and undertake the required analysis to give you a non biased and efficient result.

Process Re-Engineering

Our experts evaluate existing processes and technologies and design solutions best suited for your specific needs / issues thus improving efficiency and effectiveness of the process optimise operating costs.

Innovative problem solving

Are your business operations metrics not meeting expectations or you know it can be done better, our team of business excellence experts can support with innovative problem solving and solutioning to help you meet the targets.

Kaizen and Lean Initiatives

These workshops are focused on equipping the employees with Kaizen and Lean tools to undertake initiatives and help organizations benefit to the idea's full potential management, Inventory Management, Purchase and Supply Chain management, Accounting and Finance management.

Process Mapping

       We deploy customised business process solutions to our clients and help them save cost while optimizing
       resource utilization.

Process Migration

We understand that migration and transitions are resource intensive while incurring costs and valuable time, we support and manage migrations / transitions so that clients can make use of resources in core activities, save cost and time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter score (NPS)

Our expert team helps evaluate customer expectations, support design product and services design as per customer needs to help our clients improve customer satisfaction and overall NPS.

Improvement in business performance metrics

Our goal is to ensure business performance metrics are improving continually so that our clients can save costs and improve efficiency of their business and focus on expanding their business.

Designing KPI/KRI and Visual Dashboards

Our unique approach to designing KPI/KRI's help or clients to deriving functional and Business Risk and performance indicators, our team also expertises in designing management dashboards (Digital and Physical) to give you a first eye view of the business.