Technology Solutions


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We understand that to have a competitive edge your technical needs are also different.Our dedicated technological team help design solution and platforms customized to our clients needs.Our customised platforms are efficient, remove dependencies on multiple softwares across supply chain, cost effective and easy for future enhancements.

How a large oil and gas enterprise improved their efficiency
  • Custom Software
  • Kaizen System
  • Web Applications
  • Website Design, Hosting & Services
  • Technical Support Desk
  • Excel Automation
  • Integrated Platforms
  • ERP Systems
  • System Applications
  • VBA Applications

Custom Software

Our technology consultants work closely with you and design software fit to your needs with 100% applicability of the software to your business as opposed to the use of only 70% use of market-ready products.

Kaizen Systems

Customised software develop basis the kaizen ideas to ensure that your kaizen ideas are implemented and benefit the          organizations to its full potential.

Web Applications

Custom featured web applications make it an easy to interact, share data and coordinate with other parts of your business across the globe which giving an end to end view to stakeholders.

Website Design, Hosting & Services

Our excellent team of web developers and designers create the right web imprint for you, our bundled services of web management, hosting, email and maintenance ensure that you get the best experience.

Technical Support Desk

Our team of technical advisors can help your employees and stakeholders for system and application queries and issue resolution.

Excel Automation

Excel Macro solution are for client who rely heavily on excel/access. Our team can automate tedious excel tasks, reconciliation,report generation the click of a button.

Integrated Platforms

       Integrated platform are designed to interact with existing infrastructure (Production machines / card readers /        mainframe application etc) across the product life cycle to deliver one stop efficient solutions to our clients.

ERP Systems

       Cost effective ERP solutions customised for client needs with excellent support system. Modules for Resource
       management, Inventory Management, Purchase and Supply Chain management, Accounting and Finance

System Applications

System applications are deployed on production / service desks to help do tasks efficiently and reduce manual work.

VBA Application

       VBA solutions are for clients who use excel/access. Our VBA team can automate tedious excel tasks,
        reconciliation, report generation etc to click of a button.